Peter B Food Safety provides audits to facilities large and small. From family-run operations to
facilities that serve over 1300 guests per meal period, we can help provide a high degree of
food safety to your guests and prepare you to pass your Department of Health inspection. A review of your facilities Covid-19 response is also conducted during your Food Safety Audit.

Typical Observations made in each area:
  • Temperatures of Foods in Hot and Cold Holding
  • Protection from Contamination
  • Demonstration of Food Safety knowledge
  • Facility issues that may affect Food Safety
  • Proper Sanitizing levels and techniques
  • Evidence of pest activity
Once the observation period is complete, an audit report is compiled. The reports are reviewed and discussed with the Chef and management.
A corrective action plan can be generated within 48 hours.

What is the cost of NOT focusing on Food Safety?

Receiving a Yellow or Red Department of Health placard is only the beginning. Guest or staff illness, food-borne illness, negative press, loss of business, social media attention…

Food Safety is not a cost - it's an investment.