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Providing several types of service training with over 30 years of real kitchen and management experience to Oahu and all Hawaii. We help foodservice facilities attain a high standard of food and health safety.

Peter B provides a wide variety of independent auditing services. They include:

On-Site facility audits: a walk thru observing facility and staff, interacting with the staff, then creating a scored audit with comments and suggestions that are reviewed with the management team. Observations can help your facility get and keep the DoH Green Placard and maintain a higher level of Food Safety.

Supplier Compliance: Assisting with preparing for or conducting Supplier Compliance Audits. Major National Retail chains and military groups need to certify that the products they carry meet and exceed their high standards. Certified by the FSPCA as a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI), which is a FSMA requirement. Certified in HACCP procedures as well.

Pre-opening Audits: Opening a new facility? Peter B can provide an audit that looks at the facility and staff procedures to help attain the DoH Green Placard and head the facility in the right direction for a high level of Food Safety.

Staff Training: While educating your team members during audits is a key part of audits, I can join your entire staff during a meeting to give a mini-class reviewing key points of Food Safety.


The Hawaii DoH is gradually implementing new regulations
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2 in 5

Restaurant operators

said they plan to devote more resources to employee training


Projected job growth from 2016-2026 for jobs combining

food prep and service

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“Training empowers employees,” said William Weichelt, director of ServSafe, a food and beverage safety training and certificate program administered by the National Restaurant Association
“They feel a part of the process and a part of your team. The more training employees receive, the more they feel valued and the more likely they will act as brand ambassadors for your restaurants.”
While training involves expense, it steers off much larger, reactive costs stemming from foodborne illness outbreaks in Oahu. Two in five restaurant operators last year said they plan to devote more resources to employee training. After all, great employees are informed employees. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the success of a HACCP plan depends on educating and training management and employees in the importance of their role in producing safe foods. To fortify service training messaging, use consistent terminology, and when possible, teach employees in their native languages here in Oahu. When you encourage employees to ask questions if they don’t understand service concepts or procedures, you open communication lines and start a dialogue. Make it known that senior leadership was involved in the training development process and expects steadfast implementation.

For quality trainings aimed at preserving the integrity and uplifting the culinary industry contact Food Safety & Culinary Solutions specialist Ai Kahu

To set up an audit at reasonable prices in Oahu or elsewhere in Hawaii, please contact us

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